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Meet Nick Jarosz – Director of Impressions

Hey!  My name is Nick Jarosz- I’m the Director of Impressions here at M&E.  I’m super excited to have joined the M&E team during such an exciting time, with their expansion into M&E Roofing Solutions. 


More About Nick

I graduated from CSU in May of 2020- right in the middle of the COVID lockdown- and the prospect of me starting a career looked bleak.  I knew Matt from training at his Jiu-Jitsu gym and, knowing that he also owned M&E, I messaged him on Facebook to see if he might be willing to bring somebody new on board.   Luckily for me, he and the team decided to give me a chance, and I couldn’t be happier with how everything has worked out since.

My journey leading up to M&E has been quite an adventure! I grew up in suburban Chicago, and after two years studying business at DePaul University, I decided to take time off school to travel and ‘try something different out.’  I bounced around for several years, living in Beverly Hills, rural Texas, and eventually, Colorado, where I found a job as a camp jack/ ranch hand on a 65,000-acre working cattle ranch- a far cry from suburban Chicago!  After an awesome season of riding horses, guiding elk hunts, and rounding up cattle, I decided to settle down in Fort Collins, return to school, and finish my degree.  I knew I wanted to work for a local small business- somewhere where I’d feel like I was making a real contribution- and so M&E was a perfect fit. 

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to grow with this company, as well as getting a chance through all our work here at M&E!